Combining art and craft, tempering passion with precision, the image professionals of Rema Studio have been documenting weddings and other special events for twenty years.  We've covered every wedding tradition there is including Hindu, Muslim, Greek Orthodox, Christian (and many others).  Documenting your day as it unfolds in all of its splendour and spontaneity, our professionals capture magic moments in luminous, beautifully composed images. No matter what style you prefer - classic or candid - the team has it covered.

Each member of the team is singularly equipped to deal with the creative and logistical demands of event photography and videography.  With diverse and extensive backgrounds in fields such as photojournalism, film production, multimedia production, and fine art, the team members strive to achieve the highest technical and artistic standards in the field.  Care is lavished on each and every part of the process (production or post-production) to ensure that customer's expectations are met, or even exceeded. Special attention is given to lighting and composition in the production (shooting) phase to ensure that every image is indelibly stamped with Rema Studio's creative vision.  We make sure to capture every detail that makes each wedding unique. After that, in post-production, all of the team's talents are applied to the material, transforming the constituent parts into a vibrant vision of your wedding day (artistic retouching and album design and precise editing which imparts a cinematic flow to the HD imagery).

At every step of the process (shooting, editing, printing etc.) we collaborate with you in the creation of a personalized package that represents your sensibility, telling your story the way you want it to be told.